About AMG

Our Mindset: Innovate, Accelerate, Disrupt

Managing your supply chain isn’t a linear path; it’s bigger than a mission. It’s a mindset. We approach your brands and customers with the same care and passion that you have. We want to innovate within your segment and accelerate your business into market while disrupting conventions.

AMG provides the mindset to jump-start your product and grow your business. From disruptive sustainability – introducing recyclable materials that meet higher physical properties standards, to product design that solves problems for its users, we identify trends, implement solutions and accelerate product development.

Our Foundations

AMG’s chairman began making footwear in 1984. With offices in New York, Taiwan and Korea, AMG has roots in retail and branded footwear, making for Fila, Dexter, Sears, Hi-Tec and Magnum as supply chains began expanding throughout Asia.

Through the 1990’s, our organization grew into Indonesia and launched a specialty production facility with Yue Yuen Group in Fujian. After merging manufacturing with Yue Yuen and focusing on supply chain support for our clientele, AMG expanded offices further in Guang Dong, China in 2001 then opening our standalone facility in 2004 in Fujian, China, which has served to become our base of operations since—housing our sample room, laboratory, development offices, design headquarters, production planning and technical services hub.

In 2011, we expanded into Cambodia and Vietnam—with offices in Phnom Penh and Hanoi managing production with partner facilities. By 2019, AMG are operating in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and the United States managing the supply chain for brands and retailers in over 100 countries.