Our Services

From product concepts to containers of goods, AMG creates, collaborates, and delivers.

Our fully integrated structure means you can remove added layers of administration. Our quality control team works side by side with our operations team. Our designers work with our engineers, ensuring the product on the shelf reflects your original concepts.


Leverage AMG’s experience, data, and market trends, to create the next product that goes viral.


AMG’s team of employed designers make product a reality and a virtual reality. With advanced delivery of 3D assets and on-trend design, AMG can marshal the resources you need to create.


AMG helps you develop footwear – everything from the last, pattern, tooling, and material – to ensure that your Brand’s DNA rings true the first time your customer steps into your product. AMG accomplishes this through our own sample room, a 100-person prototyping facility, and close partnership with factories.


AMG’s technical team ensures the molds and tools used for your product do the job you intended them to do. Our capabilities include the ability to function across continents and review tooling through 3D printed prototypes.


You can rest assured that the product you purchase will meet your standards and be delivered on time. When you send an order to AMG, our customer service team initiates the production process by communicating with quality control, quality assurance and production planning to ensure every order is handled with care.

Quality Assurance

AMG is your advocate on the production floor to ensure that quality is never compromised. Our Quality Assurance team confirms your product is assembled to meet your customer’s expectations through multi-way feedback and cross-functional solutions at each stage from development through production.

Quality Control

AMG provides in-house testing to double-check your product, from development through production, before sending a product to third-party labs. We can do this through our Intertek-audited and SATRA-approved laboratory in Fujian, China.


Operational support in the regions you need it most means that when your team is communicating with AMG, the answers are in their time zone.